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Placemint is a freelance marketplace platform for Black & Minority entrepreneurs, consultants, and professionals to connect, collaborate, and bid on projects with specific needs. There has always been a need for a safe place for people of color to launch a business or keep a business or career continuing in a positive direction through connection, communication, and community.

COVID-19 Support

Our team sends well wishes to stay safe and healthy. We encourage you to practice vigilance with hand-washing and social distancing to ensure your personal safety and that of your community.

Placement is working on something special to help all of those during these trying financial times. We believe any positive impact is an impact. Please fill out the form below to provide us some insight on how your career was impacted by COVID-19.

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About us

We are an Atlanta based minority owned tech startup founded in 2014. our vision has always been to bridge the inefficiency gap between qualified tech professionals and recruiters. using public scraping, big data and AI we’ve compiled placemint profiles for recruiters & agencies to more appropriately match a candidate to the right clients needs.

Placemint Dives Deep into Developer Recruitment Solutions


Recruiting talent is timely and costs companies an estimated $3,300 bucks per hired head. The staffing startup, Placemint, aggregates thousands of developers and showcases their best skill sets, job history, and more. Hiring managers can sift through the best hires in one easy, fell swoop. Developers can rest assured that they are being considered for jobs that match their experiences. Win-win.